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You’re an ambitious online vendor and want to concentrate on your core business?
This is where we come in. At your request, Hermes Fulfilment will deal with your entire mail-order logistics or only certain operations for you. We’ll be glad to provide you with a flexible and customised quote.

As a fulfilment specialist, we can provide you with high-quality services with short throughput times – and generally more economically than would be possible with in-house handling. The majority of your customers take prompt handling for granted, making speed a factor for success. We work in multiple shifts and can therefore guarantee you fast processes. We know how important it is for your customers to have their ordered products in their hands quickly, which is why we ensure short throughput times and same-day dispatch. Together, we define service-level agreements (SLA). We’ll be pleased to organise your transport needs, too. We work with the familiar postal and parcel services (Hermes, DHL, DPD, UPS, …), enabling you choose your trusted CEP-service provider. 



The first step before stocking all items from our customer´s e-shop, is the initial registration of all items in our WMS-Warehouse Management System. Each item in our fulfilment warehouse must have its own unique identification code.



Registered item is assigned a warehouse position. The item is later stored at the given position until a request for removal arises. Such a request arises  at the moment when the item is purchased on our customer´s e-shop.



As soon as the purchase of goods is completed on the customer´s e-shop, our JTL system receives an instruction to remove the items from the warehouse. For this purpose, the system automatically creates a so-called picking list. The removal itself is carried out by so-called Picker, which moves the removed items to the packing workplace. We see the advantage of a partially manual process in gentleness, lower costs on the part of the customer and in an individual approach to each order.



At the packing workplace, the Picker scans the ordered items and places them together with our customer´s delivery note into the transport package. It is then closed and sealed with self-adhesive tape. Depending on the type of product and customer ( B2B / B2C), our customer can determine the type of packaging material and its final appearance.


Export from warehouse

After packing, the delivery information is checked and the order is despatched to the destination. Otto Group also includes Hermes Germany, one of the leaders in International European logistics. Therefore, the logistics services of this company are also part of our services. We also, of course, employ established courier services such as PPL, DHL, DPD, GO, FedEx, UPS, etc.


Unclaimed or returned shipments

We also provide service of Returns Management. In this area , we have a proven system and years of experience with big players in the field of e-commerce such as About You. In the same plant, that is parallel to fulfilment, we can also offer these services – In-house, All-In-One.

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