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Establishment of KS-Europe in Pilsen

The beginnings of our first lettershop activities. Individual parts of catalogues, i.e. parts of mailings, are assembled and prepared in the Lettershop operation to be sent. Our Lettershop processes large mail orders in the shortest possible time using folding, packaging and envelope technology.


Moving the headquarters to Šťáhlavy

Due to dynamic development and growth, KS-Europe had to move its company headquarters from Pilsen to Šťáhlavy to larger premises and expanded its services with the printing area. Lettering, addressing and personalisation of the printed matter is one of the top disciplines of the company KS-Europe. State-of-the-art aggregates and various types of machines ensure high quality for the customer and flexibility.


Extension of services to process returns

Launch of services in the field of goods processing in our second operation in Pilsen – Křimice. The main activities include the processing of new goods and the processing of returned goods from distance trade and their repacking.


Extension of services by the area of binding catalogues

Launch of catalogue binding services. As part of our complete services, we also take over all work related to stapling printed media. The printing office supplies us with the individual parts and we make a catalogue for our customer.


Launch of data processing services

We acquire and process data of all kinds from simple addresses, address modifications to complex orders. It is not important whether we have data available in writing or digital form.


Opening of another hall in Šťáhlavy

In connection with the constant increase in production volume, another production hall in Šťáhlavy was put into operation in June 2008. KS-Europe currently has operating area of more than 40 000 mavailable in the Pilsen region.


Launch of fulfilment services

We carry out complete logistics for our customers, i.e. reception of goods to the warehouse, storage, completion of the shipment according to the order and dispatch shipments to the customer.


Launch of returned goods processing services

We are constantly growing and order volume increased so much, that we started processing returns also in Šťáhlavy. We put into operation a sorter that can work effectively and quickly sort the goods at the final stage of the process.



We have newly become a subsidiary company of Hermes Fulfilment.


Termination of Werbeversand operation

The management of KS-Europe, together with the supervisory board, has decided to close down Werbeversand ( the catalogue dept.) as of June 30, 2023. We are constantly growing in the field of returns and are starting to focus more on the area of fulfilment.


Renaming the company to the new name Hermes Fulfilment CZ

You knew us as KS-Europe. We are now Hermes Fulfilment. Number one in processing returned shipments and providing fulfilment services