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Our policy for environmental protection

Permanent economic growth must protect natural resources and the climate, and it must also serve to social progress.Therefore, environmental protection and permanent development are an inseparable part of the HF business and also a guideline for our activity in the area of relevant processes in providing services. Therefore we have formulated the following theses as a binding rule for business activity of our company:


For HF, sustainable development means attempt to improve economic effectiveness, to achieve strength and growth so that we could create the economic basis and thus be capable of professional sustainable development management.In order to achieve the strategic objective, HF introduced the environmental protection management system, it documents it, it keeps it objectively verifiable and it keeps developing it.


In further development of our products and services we always look to possibilities to reduce the environmental impact during our processes.In this way we would like to keep our responsibility and to grasp the offered chances to reinforce our profile and the company position on the market.


Thanks to our management of sustainable development we want to avoid communicative, environmental, penal and economic risks and risks in the area of legal responsibility for the company and its partners or to minimize them.


In our activities we comply with the environmental protection law that is relevant to our company.We are active in following discussions on the topic and we act in compliance with the national and international requirements.The same applies to all the other requirements that we have set and that are relevant for the area of the environment.


The central theme of the theses for sustainable company development is the personal obligation of continuous improvement of the HF services in relation to the environment, specifically thanks to:

  • Monitoring and evaluation of impacts of our business decisions and our business activity on the environment
  • Continuous limiting or where it is not possible, reducing the environmental impact
  • Careful resources management
  • Innovation and intelligent solution; in this we try to coordinate our environmental, social and economic objectives 
  • Responsible, entrepreneurial and environment-friendly acting of our partners; we support it by motivating, practical stimuli, training and extensive information
  • Open and unprejudiced dialogue with all stakeholders for better understanding.

Hermes Fulfilment has held ISO-14001 certification for many years. This internationally recognised seal provides you with the assurance that we are continuously applying our energies to protect the environment.