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Why have our customers trusted our returns processing solutions for over 23 years?

  • You can concentrate on your core business.
    An asset for the classic mail-order company with high volumes of consignments and returns as well as for fast-growing start-ups in eCommerce.
  • We operate a two-shift system, enabling us to ensure prompt handling.
    You benefit from getting your products back in your hands quickly. And your customers are satisfied because they receive their refund soon after returning the product.
  • Our returns operations in Pilsen are located close to the German border and are therefore situated centrally for logistics purposes for the whole of Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Europe.


After  checking the container, the goods are unloaded by our operators onto an automatic belt conveyor.  It passes through the first entry scanner. Then the goods travel to the unpacking workplace.



When unpacking the goods, the original box is opened and its content is checked. When everything is alright, the goods are moved by conveyor for assessment. If there are any doubts, we send the item in question to one of our special workplaces.


Condition check

Our trained operators check the quality and condition of the goods. In the next step, they scan the relevant barcodes. The goods are then prepared for packing and, if necessary, provided with paper or plastic spacers.



The last part of the process at the assessment workplace is special packing according to the customer´s wishes and subsequent labeling. The shipment then travels in the condition of new goods to the sorter and leaves it in plastic boxes.



Goods in plastic boxes are stacked vertically. The condition and labeling of the shipment is visually checked and the handlers load it into container with the help of handling machines called sack truck. After filling, the container is sent by truck to the customer.

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